Friday, 15 August 2014

Follow-up projects made by the participants

These four projects are drafts of follow-up projects made by the participants during the study visit to Armenia

Project name - Peace Builder's
Aim - To provide peace building tools to the youth leaders.
- To develop the knowledge regarding to Caucasus Conflict, Human Rights, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management;
- To share good practices;
- To create follow activities.

Project name - Peace Building Armenia-Turkey
Aim - Provide two young people from Armenia & Turkey to give a possibility get familiar with the cultural social life in country through personal experience in order to disseminate results online/published like diaries.
- Creating awareness;
- Breaking prejudices of participants of project;
- Building bridges between two communities;
- Learn about each other cultures;
- Publish a book which contains two sides’ articles.

Project name - Step-by-step for Peace
Aim - To increase youth role in peace building processes in local and international level
- To support youth workers in realizing their role in peace building processes;
- To give basic information about peace education;
- To understand their approaches in peace building processes.

Project name - Dismantling media’s discursive practices about conflicts in the Caucasus
Aim - Empowering youth to better cope with media discourses about conflicts in the Caucasus
- Give youth specific tools to react to the information they receive through media in a critical way;
- To increase understanding of the group about the motivations/interests specific media/governments have to adopt certain discourses;
- Increase awareness about most common media discursive practices;
- Create network;
- To change/develop attitudes towards critical thinking/openness.